The application is provided free of charge by CHU Saint-Pierre / UMC Sint-Pieter, as is, solely for information purposes to help facilitate the care of people by the emergency services during the COVID-19 Coronavirus epidemic. The completeness, accuracy, timeliness of the information and content made available in this application, or its suitability for particular purposes, is not guaranteed.

The user acknowledges that the application, including the test and other information it contains, does not in any way constitute an opinion, recommendation, examination, diagnosis, prescription, or any other act of a medical nature, in particular established or carried out by a doctor or pharmacist. The use of the application and its contents in no way replaces the necessary advice given by your doctor or pharmacist or any other competent health professional in each individual case. Any examination or decision by the user must be carried out or taken autonomously on the basis of the relevant scientific and clinical information, the official package leaflet of the product concerned where applicable and, in case of doubt, in consultation with a competent doctor.

The information made available as part of the application shall serve only as first level information. The absence of a warning about a risk does not mean that it does not exist.